Your Next Five Moves: Master the Art of Business Strategy

Greg collaborated with Patrick Bet-David, a brilliant entrepreneur and creator of the #1 YouTube channel for entrepreneurs.

Both successful entrepreneurs and chess grandmasters have the vision to look at the pieces in front of them and anticipate their next five moves. Your Next Five Moves translates this skill into a valuable methodology that applies to high performers at all levels of business. Whether you feel like you’ve hit a wall, lost your fire, or are looking for innovative strategies to take your business to the next level, Your Next Five Moves has the answers. The #1 Wall Street Journal bestseller is a must read for any serious executive, strategist or entrepreneur.

The Leading Man: 7 Empowering Questions to Break Free and Find Your Own Winning Way

The Leading Man, black book cover

You find your answers by asking questions. That’s why the only how-to book that will work for you is the one you write yourself. In his fourth book, Greg Dinkin gives you the questions to be a leading man who lives his own winning story. Mix “Dinkin’s 7 Empowering Questions” with practical wisdom from successful leaders and you will discover effective tools that uniquely suit you. Your newfound awareness will create a clear and concise map that leads to fulfillment, wealth, and success–the way you define them.

The Poker MBA: Winning in Business No Matter What Cards You’re Dealt

Poker strategy and business strategy go hand-in-hand as this book explains in a fun, easy-to-apply framework using examples from Fortune 500 companies to startup businesses. Learn how to read people, know when they’re bluffing, measure risk, and make calculated decisions. You don’t need to be a professional poker player to enjoy and learn from this book. The lessons passed along are concise and applicable to all aspects of business. You will love the details the book covers on what skills the pros use in bluffing, playing their hands, and reading their opponents.

Amarillo Slim in a World Full of Fat People: The Memoirs of the Greatest Gambler Who Ever Lived

Amarillo Slim Preston has won $300,000 from Willie Nelson playing dominoes and $2 million from Larry Flynt playing poker. He has shuffled, dealt, and bluffed with some of twentieth-century’s most famous figures. He beat Minnesota Fats at pool with a broom, Bobby Riggs at table tennis with a skillet, and Evel Knievel at golf with a carpenter’s hammer. Amarillo Slim has gambled with ’em all, and left most of them wishing they hadn’t.

The Finance Doctor: An 8-Step Prescription So You Can Stop Chasing Your Bills & Start Chasing Your Dreams

The Finance Doctor is a how-to book on Personal Finance, yet you will think you are reading a novel. Dr. Dink recognizes that people are starving for this information, but can’t seem to get past all the financial mumbo jumbo. Therefore, he created a book in which all the fundamentals are woven into a page-turning story.

If you have a net worth of over $1 million, don’t bother reading this book. If, however, you are looking for ways to improve the quality of your life, dig out of credit card debt, own a home, and let your dreams–and not your bills–dictate how you live your life, The Finance Doctor is a must-read.