Why Hire Greg as a Coach?


Maybe you just want to feel heard or need a smart thought partner who has your back.

Many people hire me when they’re in a crisis. Some are in transition—changing careers, spouses, cities, or habits.

You could just have a big decision to make.

Others feel like they’re falling short of their potential and want to level up.

Like Winston Wolf’s character (Harvey Keitel) in Pulp Fiction, I solve problems. And like Wendy Rhoades’ character (Maggie Siff) in Billions, I show you how to improve your performance.

I have unlocked the secrets to high performance and my clients have
achieved breakthrough results.

The value you get from working with me:


You want a world-class poker player to help you see a deal from all perspectives, role-play, and explore all the angles for you to get the best deal.

Relationship challenges.

Want guidance managing conflict with spouse, kids, coworkers, family, and friends. Create ease and better communication.

Struggle to make decisions.

Feel like you’re at a crossroads or an
inflection point. Want to know what to do and feel supported when guided by a systematic way to make decisions.

Stressed, unhealthy, and overwhelmed.

You feel like you’re constantly
behind with everything yet too drained to get it all done. You want help
getting your life under control.

Some coaches insist on making their clients do all the work. My focus is to support you, get results, and build your skill set. At times that means challenging you and having you sit with discomfort. At other times,
especially when you feel like you’re overwhelmed, I’ll roll up my sleeves and get the work done.

Working with me means you get every tool in my arsenal to help you win.

That could mean drafting an email during a negotiation, helping you write out your company mission statement, or meeting with someone on your team to resolve a conflict.

In my experience, being there for my clients builds trust and piles up wins. There will be plenty of challenges to overcome and difficult moments to test your mettle.

Email me at gregdinkin@gmail.com with the words Winning Coaching in the subject line, and we can set up a Discovery Call.

Client Testimonials:

“During a critical juncture in my business, Greg was a sensible voice who helped guide me to some big business decisions. More importantly, he showed me how these decisions impacted my personal life. My interactions were thought-provoking, inspiring, and fun. It helps that he’s a world-class poker player and negotiator. Greg also has an uncanny knack for getting me to do things that I don’t want to do—and I know are good for me.”

-Chris, Founder and CEO

"It’s rare you get to interact with someone who 100% has your back and is going to do everything they can to impact you in a positive way. The world would be a better place if everyone had a person like Greg in their life. With the help of his coaching, mentorship, and accountability, my dreams and aspirations continue to grow while simultaneously feeling more and more obtainable.”

-Geoff, Founder and CEO

“Greg is an energizing and inspirational coach! His commitment to my professional/personal growth was next level. I'm so inspired, and I can't thank Greg enough for his investment in helping me reach for bigger and bigger dreams!”

Monica, Owner/Broker at Keller Williams Aspire

“My coaching experience with Greg was one of the best personal investments I could make. Together we crafted a road map to a better way of living through planning and habits that have helped me thrive in my work life and family life. Because of his humor and compassion, our calls were often the best part of my week. Greg was an incredible guide and friend who had a major impact on my net worth, health, and fulfillment.”

*-George, Commercial Real Estate Broker*