Connection, Wealth, Fulfillment

Feeling lost, lonely, or stuck? I’ve been there. On many days, I still am.

Are you tired of formulas that promise miracle cures to all of life’s ills? I am.

No one understands you better than you.

That's why, in my books, speeches, and columns, I show you how to be a better detective by asking questions and offering tools that bring you both self-awareness and action steps for success.

My mission is to make your life more fulfilling.

Greg Dinkin combines business strategy with life coaching to lead you to winning choices.
To book him for an event, contact Greg at (310) 883-3510 or

Books by Greg Dinkin

You knocked it out of the park. Everyone is still raving. You were able to strike an absolutely perfect balance of substance, practicality, creativity and humor.
- Cathleeen Devlin, Partner, Saul Ewing Law Firm
Greg could seemingly read the mind of my boss as he coached me through a stressful salary negotiation. Even better than the substantial raise that resulted from his business/poker savvy, Greg got to the core of what was holding me back and was both supportive and relentless about showing me how to build habits and reprogram my belief systems.
- Jerome Greene, Sales Manager
Greg Dinkin is a class act that delivers. He emphasizes active communication and a broader perspective. I highly recommend him!
- Adrienne Stevens, Young Presidents’ Organization, Education Chair, Michigan West