Read a feature story about Greg in Industry Journal

Read a feature story about Greg in Industry Journal

Greg was featured on PAGE SIX of the New York Post

“I’ve really been loving The Poker MBA. It’s funny, well-written, extremely instructive, and even comically sexy. I can’t imagine how business folks wouldn’t find it useful and inspiring as well.”
— James McManus, NY Times bestselling author of Positively Fifth Street

Gregory Dinkin

Doug Sundheim

“With The Leading Man, Greg Dinkin has written a book for men who wouldn’t be caught dead reading a self-help book. There’s no flowery language, no new-age mumbo jumbo, and no vague conceptual BS. Just straightforward guidance from a guy who’s been to his own personal hell and back—and figured out what it takes to live well. If you’re ready for success, start reading immediately.”
— Doug Sundheim, author of Taking Smart Risks

Peter T. Fornatale

“At last, an accessible book on personal development for men who want answers and can’t stand dogma. The Leading Man provides the guidance to figure out who you are and what makes you tick. You’ll have all the tools you need to develop habits and belief systems that create health, wealth, balance, clarity, and fulfillment.”
— Peter T. Fornatale, NY Times bestselling coauthor (with Chris Jericho) of Undisputed

Amelia Catone

“Greg Dinkin is able to communicate the hows of life as well as the whys. His poker wins give him street cred, his yoga practice gives him heart, and his financial and literary know-how appeals to the brainiest of audiences. Funny, honest, and credible, Dinkin has created a workable and worthwhile map for men to navigate, even if they’re not lost. The women in their lives will applaud them for developing that most sought-after quality—intimacy—and, if they’re smart, will join them on the journey by answering the same seven questions.”
— Amelia Catone, University Academic and Career Advisor